Complaints procedure

You can be assured that we, as physiotherapists, practice our profession as well as possible. If you still have complaints about the treatment or the way we treat you, then it is good to make that known. For yourself, for other patients and for the quality of physiotherapy in general.

To begin with, it is worthwhile to talk to your attending physiotherapist about it or, if you prefer, with another physiotherapist in the Practice. We are always willing to make time for this and to look for a solution together. If you want to, you can bring someone else along to the meeting or ask for an independent mediator. It is also possible that you first explain your complaint in a letter.

If a personal conversation or mediation does not bring the desired result, you can use a complaints procedure. For this you can call on the Healthcare Information and Complaints Office (IKG).

Group practice Minerva participates in the complaints procedure of the KNGF. You can read more about this here.