House rules

To create a pleasant and safe environment for clients, visitors and employees, the practice has drawn up the following house rules:
* clients must behave in accordance with generally accepted (decency) norms and values.
* Practice reserves the right to remove people from the practice who display offensive behaviour.
* if there are not enough seats in the waiting room, disabled clients will have priority seating.
* If you read literature while waiting, you are expected to return it when you leave the waiting room.
* a smoking ban applies throughout the practice
* pets are not allowed in the practice.
* the client is entitled to inspect his / her Electronic Patient File at all times
* your general practitioner will be kept informed of your treatment process, unless you do not agree with this.
* If you are not (additionally) insured for physiotherapy, we use the price list that is hung in the waiting room and which is also on the website.
* Group practice Minerva conforms to the code of conduct of the KNGF regarding privacy and treatment.
* we ask you not to leave valuables in the waiting room or in a coat or bag. Group practice Minerva cannot be held liable for damage and / or loss of visitors’ possessions in and around the practice.
* In the waiting room and in the treatment rooms in Group practice Minerva there is displayed a clearly visible evacuation plan which you must follow in case of an incident.
* in case of emergencies, you must follow the instructions of the personnel or the qualified authority (fire department, police).
* If you have comments, ideas, etc. to improve our services, we would appreciate this. You can communicate this to us either orally, in writing or by mail or via the “Feedback” button on the homepage.
* on entering the practice, mobile phones should be put on ‘silent’ position.
* do you have a complaint? Read about our complaints procedure on the General Information page.