We have contracts with all insurers. The rates with the contracted health insurance policies are different. As a patient you will not notice this; if you have an additional insurance the account goes directly to the insurer.
If you do not have an additional insurance for physiotherapy or have a reimbursement policy, we will send you an invoice. In 2019 the following rates apply:

Physiotherapy session36,00
Session manual therapy46,00
Session pelvic physiotherapy46,00
Long session for patient with complex care demand52,00
Psychosomatic physical therapy session46,00
Screening and intake and examination of physiotherapy61,00
Intake and examination after referral47,00
Surcharge treatment (treatments outside the practice, not in an establishment)18,00
Instruction / consultation between parents / guardians36,00
Comprehensive written reporting82,00
Simple, short reporting14,50
One-time physiotherapeutic examination72,00
Telephone session17,00
Failure to attend physiotherapy appointment36,00