Physio Minerva

The practice is open for treatments in the practice and at home. We must adhere to a number of regulations, including a strict hygiene protocol of RIVM.

We ask you to read the following instructions carefully and to comply with them:

  • Cancel the appointment if you or a familymember have had flu, respiratory symptoms or a fever in the past three days, if you have been in contact with someone with Covid-19 or if you are in quarantine.
  • If you have been on holiday in a code-orange area, there must be at least 10 days between the moment of return and the appointment at Groepspraktijk Minerva.
  • If possible come alone to the practice.
  • Come at the agreed time to your appointment, so we can prevent too many people from being in the waiting area at the same time.
  • We keep asking you to wear a facemask while you are in the practice and during treatment as it is not possible to keep 1.5 meter distance. We ask you to bring your own. Our staff will also wear a facemask.
  • Disinfect your hands at entrance and after the treatment.
  • Bring a clean large bath towel.
  • Give room to other people.
If desired, it is possible to schedule a telephone consultation.

Welcome to our website in which we want to give you information about the physical therapy and specialized treatments like pelvic physiotherapy, psychosomatic physiotherapy, physiotherapy for intermittent claudication, in-home physical therapy and fall prevention for elderly which we offer in the Minerva Group practice in Amsterdam South.

The Group practice Minerva has existed for over 30 years. During that period we sustained the optimal quality of care and the individual attention in which the patient comes first.

Collaboration between the physiotherapists and the doctors is very important. The practice offers an environment in which each person feels at ease which also actively influences his own healing process.

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