Perfect Pilates

Back problems are a common problem in the Netherlands. Normally in the natural course of things most people get rid of their symptoms quickly (2 to 6 weeks). Only a small proportion of people have back problems which last longer.
One of the reasons why back complaints can occur is a reduced stability of the spine. This reduced stability is caused by reduced coordination or weakness of the trunk muscles. With targeted training of the trunk muscles you increase the stability of the spine and you reduce the risk of back problems. Training the trunk muscles is also called core stability training.

In our practice, lessons are given to increase core stability. These lessons are given by means of Perfect Pilates exercises by Linske Vreugdenhil.
The ‘old’ pilates method is almost a century old. At Perfect Pilates the strong components from the old method are combined with contemporary knowledge in the field of training of the trunk muscles. An important difference with the old method is for example the lower back. The old method is based on flattening the back. Research has indicated that this is precisely the cause of many back problems. Perfect Pilates is based on ‘active hollow back’. To train the core stability the deep back muscles have to be tightened. This is only possible when the lower back is intentionally made hollow.

Perfect Pilates is also a suitable method to use for people with neck and shoulder problems. The exercises improve posture and strengthen the shoulder muscles. This is important in reducing and preventing shoulder disorders.
Classes are taught in groups of up to 5 people. A lesson lasts about 50 minutes and is given once a week.

The lessons take place weekly, € 12.50 per lesson. You will receive an invoice from us every month. It is also possible to first have a trial lesson which also costs € 12,50.